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Welcome to Elite Dry Eye Spa

Why You WIll Love Elite Dry Eye Spa

Elite Dry Eye Spa is a concept that came to me several years ago based on the need of my patients and myself. Dry eye care was at a standstill all we do is provide patients with the prescription for dropped. So what better way than in a spa environment to have your eyes evaluated for a disease that's causing you pain and discomfort and a relaxing environment one that you will feel like you're getting a service but it's not an invasive service. It's comfortable.

We have aromatherapy. We have a massage chair. Your workup is done in a very nice comfortable environment and when you leave, you'll eat dry eye spa. You'll understand the elite part of the eye spa because I am in a Medispa environment and so my services are directed to providing treatment but treatment in a relaxing calm environment. So lead to eye spa is the ideal way to receive dry eye care and still have a professional examination along with that.

How To Tell If You Have Dry Eye Disease

You're going to know your eyes are dry because they're going to be constantly bothering you. They're gonna be irritated. They're gonna feel like sand and a gritty sensation. You're gonna have constant burning, stinging. They're gonna be red and if you get up in the middle of the night, they're gonna be stuck together and not really want to get out of bed without drops to get some hold of it. Those are the most common complaints I get about dry eyes and that's how you know you had it this is all these things ...  you

Which Dry Eye “remedies” Should You Avoid at all Cost?

Some of the things we used to tell patients to treat dry eye was using baby shampoo lid scrubs that's a no-no studies have shown that's just adding soap back to the eye and that's part of your dry eye problem.

The other thing you want to avoid or readout drops. Allergy drops are on the market but drops I get the readout that can cause more problems going forward. So that's a no-no as well. Something else that I try to tell patients you all fish oils are not created equal if you're searching for omega threes. It's not what's on the shelf. You need at least 2,000 milligrams of esterified pure fish product and those are some of the things that you need to be aware of you.

Tips for Caring for Dry Eyes Disease at Home

Some of the things that you can do at home with your dry eye signs and symptoms humidifiers in your bedroom put some moisture back into the air. Moist washcloths, hot heat are good for the meibomian glands.

You can also use nutritional supplements as omega-3s which are high in EPA and DHA omegas. You also can consider wraparound goggles on windy days and then there’s the blinking. We must blink in order to work for my bullying glance properly. We don’t think about that we’re on our computers and our handheld devices.

If you’ve tried any or all of these things and you’re not getting any success, give me a call!