Karen Booth - Facebook

I was just at the Elite Dry Eye Spa and had a wonderful experience. They are kind, provide a gracious and friendly atmosphere and my eyes feel so refreshed. I encourage you to go in for a eye massage and evaluation. Great if you are suffering from dry eye or need and evaluation. Call Them today!

Christina Farnsworth - Facebook

Had undiagnosed dry eyes for 10+ years. Last year was diagnosed but offered little treatment -- hot compresses and eye drops. Saw the television commercial and called immediately. The doctor's exam was more thorough and informative than past exams. And the doctor's treatment is really helping. Am so glad I did this. My eyes are definitely not as irritated. I can see much more clearly. Thank you.

Priscilla P. Marquez - Facebook

What a relief to know that she specializes in dry eyes. So grateful for the treatment.

No matter how intuitive or sensitive, no new technology can replace a good
personal exam. It all starts with a patient discussion and a survey or

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