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My ophthalmologist recently told me there was nothing more he could do to help my dry eyes. I was really discouraged. I went home and googled dry eyes in Tucson hoping for other options and there to my excitement was “Elite Dry Eye Spa”. The first appointment consisted of testing and photos of my eyes to see if I was a candidate for treatment. I was!! Lipiflow (FDA approved) was the treatment option I chose and immediately had the procedure. A week later and my eyes are feeling so much better. My glands are opening up and oils are coming out to keep my eyes from drying out!!!!! Dr. Bevels is so nice and caring. She did a happy dance when I explained the relief I feel at my follow up appointment. I am so glad I found Elite Dry Eye Spa. It really makes me mad that my Ophthalmologist, who knew I was suffering, never bothered to tell me about the treatments Dr. Bevels offers. If you have dry eyes make an appointment at Elite Dry Eye Spa today.
3 weeks ago
- Natalie A.
After searching for dry eye relief for two years, I have finally found success with an optometrist that has made this ailment her specialty. Dr. Bevels treated all aspects of my problem: relief from itching, relief from redness in eyelash areas, relief from cornea dryness, and an increase in oil gland production. I have a daily routine now that has brought much healing.
1 month ago
- Ann R.
I have been dealing with dry since August of 2020 and numerous visits to an eye doctor with no relief. I was referred to Dr. Bevels end of February of 2021. Within a week of the first visit and treatment my eyes felt and looked better than they had in 6 months! I couldn't wait til my next visit in 3 weeks. I just had that treatment and am continuing to see the results. Also, I went from using 4 different types of drops with 8 to 10 drops a day to now only using drops 2 times a day. Highly recommend anyone with dry eye issues to make an appointment!
1 month ago
- Nivita B.
I am so very pleased to have found Dr Bevels. She has been treating me for dry eyes for the past several months. I am improving with the treatments and prescriptions. Dr Bevels is very dedicated to her patients. She has educated me regarding dry eyes and the spa is so relaxing. I highly recommend her products and the services.
1 month ago
- Phyllis F.
As a young entrepreneur, I am on some form of screen nearly all time. I didn't give it much thought until one day my eyes started feeling gritty like they had sand in them. In fact, they were watering and burning so bad, I could hardly work. Even closing my eyes was painful. In a few short days after Dr. Bevels treatment, my eyes felt so much better and I was able to get back to work. What I love about my experience most besides the advanced technology Dr. Bevels uses to assess and measure every thing about my eyes including how fast my tears evaporate, was the relaxing environment and the massage chair. Dr. Bevels is upbeat, smart and delivers on her promise to make your eyes feel better. I highly recommend her and Elite Dry Eye Spa.
2 months ago
- Michael T.
Dr Bevels is thorough and well educated on dry eye with a wide array of options, including the latest technology to help you get relief! I highly recommend her!!
2 months ago
- Kelly G.
After several years of Dry Eye problems and going to well known Eye Clinics I found my eye situation was getting worse. I listened and applied everything that I was told that would help. I only have one functioning eye and at times I felt I might be heading in the direction of blindness. After a search on the internet I found Elite Dry Eye Spa and Dr. Angela Bevels. I finally found someone who understood my situation and was there so welling to listen and help me. I am already seeing improvement by understanding more about Dry Eye and we are working together by testing and applying the more advanced eye treatments Thank you Dr Bevels
2 months ago
- Ruby C.

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