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I was suffering horribly and Ms Bevils got me in right away . Despite having procedures done elsewhere I was in bad shape . Now I am miraculously much much better and off Xxidra drops . The difference is incredible. I’m so happy !
1 year ago
- Delayne S.
I had suffered with painful, gritty, scratchy feeling eyes for years. I always felt like I had something in my eyes irritating them. I had seen an optometrist who suggesting using drops, however, that wasn't helping. I am so grateful I found Dr Bevels! After just a few treatments she has cured my dry, irritated eyes. Now I have no pain! Thank you so much Dr. Bevels.
1 year ago
- Renee T.
As a sufferer of Dry Eye Syndrome since my teens -- many decades ago -- I never received effective treatment for my condition. Eye Doctors would brush off my comments about discomfort, leaving me to try every brand of drops and gels on the market: all to no avail. But after one appointment and a treatment regimen from Dr. Bevels, I have seen more improvement than I believed possible. Her protocol involves tests and data gathering that I'd never before encountered, resulting in a clear indication of my problem. I am delighted by the treatment I received from Dr. Bevels at the Elite Dry Eye Spa, and absolutely recommend her practice to anyone with dry eye discomfort.
1 year ago
- Marci N.
I attended a recent lunch and learn session on dry eye disease and was very impressed with the information provided by Dr. Bevels. After a consultation and first treatment I was amazed on the results. After 3 treatments my dry eye symptoms are gone and as long you keep up with the regime suggested you will be fine. Thank you Dr. Bevels!!!
1 year ago
- Connie L.
My husband CJ went to see Dr Angela and has had phenomenal results. His dry eye has greatly diminished and his redness has disappeared. Recommend this spa procedures. Dr Angela made him feel comfortable and relaxed while getting his procedures.
1 year ago
- Valerie K.
I started seeing Dr. Bevels in May and have been very pleased with my results. I am not where I want to be yet but can definitely say that the treatment and "homework" is changing my life. I only use drops 3-4 times a day now (instead of upwards of 10 times or more) and am not experiencing any excruciating, burning, stabbing pain anymore. Looking forward to what future treatment and work can do for me. I recommend anyone with dry eyes see Dr. Bevels for an evaluation.
2 years ago
- Deborah S.
I highly recommend Dr. Bevels at Elite Dry Eye Spa. I went to her after seeing several other eye doctors over a period of one year with minimal to no improvement in my eye conditions. I struggled with MGD, blepharitis, and GPC. After receiving Lipiflow and Blephex treatments at her office, along with several tips for home care, I am seeing major improvement in my conditions for the first time. My life centered around my eye issues for so long and I am finally able to let that go thanks to Dr. Bevels. If you’re struggling with dry eye difficulties and feeling hopeless, Elite Dry Eye Spa is where you should go!
2 years ago
- Julie K.