Dry Eye Exams

We use advanced technology to qualify dry eye & quantify the grading levels of the severity of dry eye when we begin treatment. If you are suffering from dry, itchy, irritated eyes, contact the Elite Dry Eye Spa at the El Con Health & Wellness Center today. The doctor or one of our specialists will get back to you to schedule an appointment.

What We Do For You

Our practice has access to the most current diagnostic technologies for ocular surface evaluation, which include vital dye staining of the cornea with fluorescein and of the conjunctiva with lissamine, tear breakup time evaluations using FDA approved medical devices; tear film stability and homeostasis with tear osmolarity (TearLab), tear film assessment, lipid layer imaging with meibomian gland structure imaging (Oculus Keratograph 5M) and tear film inflammatory status with measurement of MMP-9 activity with InflammaDry (Quidel).

What Can I Expect from a Treatment in the Dry Eye Spa?

Your eyes work hard for you. Reward them with a trip to our Dry Eye Spa. Here's what to expect:

  • Comfortable, relaxing environment
  • Painless, comfortable treatment
  • Feels like a visit to the spa for your eyes
  • Option to schedule a one time spa treatment when your symptoms are bothering you or to book a package that will provide year long treatment.

Eye Spa Offerings

  1. MiBo  ThermoFlo lid massage
  2. LipiFlow® Thermal Pulsation System
  3. Blephex lid cleansing
  4. Dry and Moist heat eye masks
  5. Prescription medications (for severe cases)
  6. Specific dry eye Tear supplements based on exam findings
  7. Ocular Health Nutraceutical supplements

No matter how intuitive or sensitive, no new technology can replace a good
personal exam. It all starts with a patient discussion and a survey or

We Look Forward to Your Visit!

Elite Dry Eye Spa

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Phone: (520) 355-2060

Hours of Operation

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Located in the El Con Health and Wellness Center

Blephex Certfied Tucson Eye Care Practice