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When to Ask for a Second Opinion for Dry Eye?

Dry eye is often complex, where diagnosing the underlying condition requires various pieces of technology, experience, and time to assess everything accurately. Especially for chronic dry eye patients, it’s important to find an eye doctor who can identify the cause & treat it effectively.

Are second opinions encouraged by eye doctors?

Optometrists & ophthalmologists do their best at providing excellent care to their patients, and patients appreciate the efforts done to protect their vision and eye health. As much as we enjoy these relationships with our eye care provider, when an issue is raised more than once, an eye doctor should welcome & endorse a second opinion in order to ensure the problem is properly addressed or at least help the patient recognize that their condition was being dealt with appropriately.

Should you ask your current eye doctor to recommend someone for a second opinion?

Every practitioner certainly has built connections with other experienced & talented physicians who understand the intricate nature of dry eye. However, dry eye treatments are constantly being updated with newer techniques and technology. This means that not all practitioners are carrying the same equipment or approach dry eye in the same way. Try to find a eye clinic that offers the latest in dry eye therapy.

If you’d like a second opinion for your dry eye disease, simply call our practice 520-355-2060 to speak with Dr. Angela Bevels directly.