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Very Satisfied!


After dealing with severe light sensitivity and burning eyes for about 9 months, and seeing 3 Optometrist, an Ophthalmologist, prescribed all kinds of eye drops, I am so glad I found Dr. Bevels. She was the only Dr to truly listen to me about my symptoms and understand my frustration. After her initial diagnosis and seeing the images of my eyes that she provides compared to a healthy eye it was evident that I had issues going on with my eyes. After about six weeks and treatment, my eyes are healthy and the new images she took for comparison are proof. Her office is quaint and she is very personable and patient to listen to your problems. I like the fact that she provides cost and treatment options up front. Very satisfied with my results, will return for annual refresher!!

- Pamela L. - Google

Highly Recommend


Over the past 5 years since I have been in AZ I noticed my eyes were becoming more dry and uncomfortable. I had never experienced this prior to living here so I wasn’t quite sure if it was just the dry climate or an actual condition so I just dealt with it using eye drops to the tune of 30-40 times a day.

I just happened to be in the waiting area of my GP’s office and the Morning Blend was on, interviewing Dr. Bevels about her new business Elite Dry Eye Spa. It was so encouraging to hear someone actually had a practice specifically for this condition.

The first appointment was to evaluate (with a very thorough examination) the condition. I was diagnosed with “moderate” dry eye and she began the first treatment right away. I felt immediate results… the condition was still there, however I was only using eye drops several times a day after the first week. We continued with weekly treatments for a month and all I can say that the dry eye has relaxed and the “oil” glands are now able to do their job and I maintain it with a daily routine she prescribes.

Dr. Bevels, in my opinion is providing a service that potentially will give an entire community of dry eye sufferers much needed relief. Her spa provides a very relaxing environment and she makes you feel very welcomed. If you are suffering from this condition, I highly recommend to schedule an appointment!

- Nadine H. - Google

Beyond Happy


I am beyond happy with the treatment and care I have received from Dr. Bevels and her assistant at Elite Dry Eye Spa. A little over four years ago I began having a lot of problems with my eyes and eventually had to stop wearing my contacts altogether. I thought my dry eye was due to allergies and that there was nothing that could be done. Then I met Dr. Bevels. She did a thorough eye exam on me, and educated me on the actual cause of my dry eye and the importance of treating it to prevent more irreparable damage in the future. I have implemented her recommended daily eyecare program, and have had a series of three treatments done over the past month. I have seen significant improvement and hope to soon be back in my contacts on a regular basis! Thank you Dr. Bevels! So happy I found you!

- Liz M. - Facebook

Wonderful Experience


I was just at the Elite Dry Eye Spa and had a wonderful experience. They are kind, provide a gracious and friendly atmosphere and my eyes feel so refreshed. I encourage you to go in for a eye massage and evaluation. Great if you are suffering from dry eye or need and evaluation. Call Them today!

- Karen B. - Facebook

Thank You


Had undiagnosed dry eyes for 10+ years. Last year was diagnosed but offered little treatment — hot compresses and eye drops. Saw the television commercial and called immediately. The doctor’s exam was more thorough and informative than past exams. And the doctor’s treatment is really helping. Am so glad I did this. My eyes are definitely not as irritated. I can see much more clearly. Thank you.

- Christina F. - Facebook

I am so pleased with the results


I am so pleased with the results I have received from Dr. Bevels. I have seen many doctors regarding my dry eye condition and they have simply prescribed prescriptions to cure my dry eyes. After years of opinions and prescriptions, I have not seen the results I would’ve liked. After seeing Dr. Bevels and her explaining in detail my condition I began to then understand what dry eyes were and how to treat them. For the first time, I have felt relief due to her treatments. 

- MV