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November 2020 Newsletter

Hello, Friends! Lunch Anyone?

Omega 3's from me to......your eye care provider?

I have been delivering Bento Box lunches packed with healthy Omega 3 foods! The menu varies week to week, but not much. I usually make my favorite Smoked Salmon Deviled Eggs, Sauteed Asparagus wrapped with Smoked Salmon, and my classic three Salmon Fish Cake over a bed of Cauliflower Risotto. The reviews have been outstanding, thank goodness. Perhaps your eye doctor has enjoyed a lunch on me? Bon Appetit!

Omega 3

Windy days and Tearing eyes

I have been doing a lot of hiking these past months, but yesterday was a kicker! The wind was constant and cool as it accompanied me along the Chiracahua trailhead. Many of you may be experiencing extra tearing, some itching and redness. Is it allergies or is it dry eye? That is the $100 question, but for could be both:).

Cold climates and exposure to high winds can cause tears to evaporate too quickly, leading to chronic dryness. To protect your eyes, use lubricating eye drops and wear sunglasses that wrap around your head to protect your eyes from cold and wind.

windy days

Patient of the Month

"I am so pleased with the results I have received from Dr. Bevels. I have seen many doctors regarding my dry eye condition and they have simply prescribed prescriptions to cure my dry eyes. After years of opinions and prescriptions, I have not seen the results I would’ve liked. After seeing Dr. Bevels and her explaining in detail my condition I began to then understand what dry eyes were and how to treat them. For the first time I have felt relief due to her treatments. " MV

Zocular ProductsNew Offerings

All of us need to stay safe these days. If ordering online is good for you, I now have links available for home delivery of OASIS products, Zocular products, and SBH dry eye supplements. You can now get your products without coming to the office, and stay healthy!