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About Elite Dry Eye Spa

about usI chose to do my dry eye spa back in 2017 because I suffered with my own intolerable dry eye disease for years. I was miserable, where every time I woke up in the morning to the time I went to bed and even during the night when I had to get up to find relief. Even after trying drop after drop that the pharmaceutical representatives brought into my clinic, artificial tear after artificial tear, where even the brands Restasis and Xiidra never brought me relief. I felt bad when I put patients on these medications, and they would come back after three months and say, “You know, my eyes are not any better.” 

I couldn't justify telling them, “Well, just keep using it.” That didn't feel right to me, and I knew there had to be more to be done. 

I moved on to treating blepharitis, and it helped some, but it wasn't the end all be all because there's so much more. That's just the tip of dry eye care. Then, in 2018, I left a busy ophthalmology practice where I was an administrator and a practitioner, and I felt a deep calling to do what other eye care providers were not doing. 

I wanted to treat dry eye disease with more than just pharmaceuticals, and I wanted to get to the heart of each patient's dry eye issues, which takes time. So, my dry eye evaluations usually take a good hour, where we spend another hour discussing treatment options and just making sure the patients know what's going on with their lacrimal functioning unit as a whole not just one part.

I love what I do, and I love to do my happy dance when my patients come back after treatments and their scores have improved, their comfort levels have improved, they're happy that they're sleeping through the night without using drops all day, every day, and they see actual results. Those things make me happy! I love Elite Dry Eye Spa, and I love what I do.