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Happy Summer! Dry Eye News from Dr. Angela Bevels

eye eco eyecloudHave you experienced M-A-D-E? Take a look at this version of a mask for the EYES not the mouth! I know we are all happy to be progressing through COVID and mask restrictions. It has been a long haul and we deserve some pampering for out face and eyes. Thanks to the pandemic, we now have a new dry eye disease designation, would you believe Mask Associated Dry Eye?

We all have experienced the extra drying we get from wearing glasses and speaking with a face mask on. What a dynamic! A study was done by a University in Utah on the effects mask wearing had on people with and without dry eye disease. The conclusions would not be a shocker. The flow of our breath over the face mask and under our glasses, not only caused foggy lenses, but it dried out our top oil layer produced by our meibomian glands! Shocker? No, not really, but definitely something we dry eye sufferers can attest to as being real and may have caused an increase in dry, gritty, watery, burning sensations in our eyes.

This mask is like having a mini-meibomian gland treatment! I loved the goggle version, but this is a step up in full eye coverage. I am happy to add the EyeCloud mask to my dry eye supply inventory. If you are tired of microwaving or find it inconvenient most times....this may be the ideal heat mask for you! I will have a limited supply in stock this month at a reduced cost of $90.00, normal retail is $129.00.


Don't forget, there is nothing wrong with our old microwaveable friend. If you are suffering from allergies this time of year....wait for it.....You can put this mask in a freezer bag, let it get icy cold, remove it from the baggie, and Viola! You now have a cool compress for the red, itchy eyes. Easy and convenient!

lin n lash regular

Keeping our lid margins clean of debris and Demodex is very important. If you had an in-office lid cleaning YIKES! I am still apologizing, it was not fun, I know. Make sure you are getting your monies worth, CLEAN THOSE LIDS! Studies have contributed decreased meibum production, in our glands as we age, to the increase in blepharitis as we age.

Happy Summer to everyone! Look for my commercial on KGUN 9 and Morning Blend (2) episodes this month. Drop me a text or email, let me know what you think. Always looking for volunteers, maybe you would like to be in the next one? Let me know!