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Why You WIll Love Elite Dry Eye Spa

Elite Dry Eye Spa is a concept that came to me several years ago based on the need of my patients and myself. Dry eye care was at a standstill all we do is provide patients with the prescription for dropped. So what better way than in a spa environment to have your eyes evaluated for a disease that's causing you pain and discomfort and a relaxing environment one that you will feel like you're getting a service but it's not an invasive service. It's comfortable.

We have aromatherapy. We have a massage chair. Your workup is done in a very nice comfortable environment and when you leave, you'll eat dry eye spa. You'll understand the elite part of the eye spa because I am in a Medispa environment and so my services are directed to providing treatment but treatment in a relaxing calm environment. So lead to eye spa is the ideal way to receive dry eye care and still have a professional examination along with that.