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Dry eye syndrome is a chronic condition, but our caring team can help you manage the condition so you can feel more comfortable and enjoy clear vision once again. If you are suffering from dry, itchy, irritated eyes, contact the Elite Dry Eye Spa today.

Our Dry Eye Spa is a specialty spa treatment clinic at the El Con Health& Wellness Center in Tucson, AZ. Our eyes take a beating from hours spent on computers and phones, lack of sleep, environmental conditions and the weather. At the Dry Eye Spa, our goal is that after the treatment you will walk out feeling incredible and refreshed. We use a variety of different methods of treatment as determined by our eye doctor for your specific case.

  • Our spa is designed to leave you relaxed and smiling, no rushed eye clinics and long waits.
  • Relax and enjoy the specialty treatments that will naturally boost your eyes ability to retain moisture and produce tears.
  • Option to schedule a one time spa treatment when your symptoms are bothering you or to book a package that will provide year long treatment.
  • The Dry Eye Spa makes a great present for Mom (and just about anyone suffering from painful, burning, watery, and dry eyes). Ask us about our gift options.

Your Eye Exam

Dry eye might sound like a simple condition, but it is actually very complicated. Many things can influence dry eyes, such as health conditions, medications, computer usage, and exposure to air flow. Other factors such as blink rate, lid closure, tear production, and tear evaporation also play a critical role. Symptoms of dry eye include persistent scratchiness, redness, tearing, light sensitivity, and burning. These can feel even worse in the presence of extensive periods of computer use or reading.

Sometimes eye drops aren't enough. The underlying cause of the dry eye be found in order to prescribe effective treatment. At Elite Dry Eye Spa, our advanced equipment is specifically designed to diagnose and treat dry eye. We can determine if the symptoms are being caused by poor oil production or inadequate tear production. And it allows YOU to see how your eyes are doing.

Your oil glands can atrophy and degrade after years of not producing oil correctly, and once this happens it cannot be undone. Your body cannot regenerate these glands. This is why it is important to accurately diagnose dry eye, so the existing glands may be treated in order to prevent additional gland loss. The oil produced from these glands is essential in keeping the tears from evaporating off the surface too quickly.

Once the diagnosis is confirmed, Dr B. will discuss all options with you and create a treatment plan with you, specific to your type of dry eye. Some simple treatments may include warm compresses, tear gels, or prescription drops. Other common but more involved treatments include punctal occlusion, blink exercises, oral prescriptions and vitamins. And advanced treatments include meibomian gland treatment procedures, amniotic membrane treatments, and blood serum drops.

Unfortunately, there is no cure for dry eyes. And ultimately, the success of any treatment depends significantly on your willingness to be compliant with the at home procedures and drops. If at any time, you feel like you can't keep up with the plan, you should come in and discuss your concerns with Dr B.

No matter how intuitive or sensitive, no new technology can replace a good
personal exam. It all starts with a patient discussion and a survey or

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